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Rating: very good very good
INCI name
Alternative names
Glycerol, Glycerolum, E 422, Glicerol, Glyzerin, 1,2,3-Propantriol, Glycerinester, Pfl. Glycerin, Glycerinöl, Pflanzliches Glycerin, Pflanzl. Glycerin, Pflanzliches Glycerinöl, Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerin*, Glycerine, (Vegetable) Glycerin, Glycerin Pflanzlich, Glycerin (Pflanzlich)
Different, unterschiedlich
pflanzliches Glycerin ist für zertifizierte Naturkosmetik zugelassen, Hautnährstoff
INCI function
Humectant, Solvent, Nährstoff
The INCI function describes solely the purpose of a cosmetic ingredient. It does not reveal its actual effects and skin compatibility. You'll find these and other characteristics below.
  • Rating: average Dissolves other substances
  • Rating: average bei höhere Konzentration (ab 30%) Haut austrocknend
  • Rating: good für zertifizierte Naturkosmetik zugelassen
  • Rating: good bei Konzentration unter 30% feuchthaltend
  • Rating: good Makes the skin smoother
  • Rating: good Körpereigener Stoff
  • Rating: good hält die Feuchtigkeit
  • Rating: very good wirkt Mangelerscheinungen der Haut entgegen

Studies, literature and statements on Glycerin

  • Kursbuch Kosmetik, page 154

    Moisture protecting, smoothes the skin.

  • Springer Lexikon Kosmetik, page 174

    Three-value alcohol in nature as well as a component of animal and plant fats and fat oils. Water-absorbing. In higher concentrations (from 30%), dries and irritates the skin. Moisture suspending material for improvement of the brushability of O/W emulsions and soaps, denaturing material, solution material.

  • Körperpflegekunde und Kosmetik, page 143

    Glycerine is a preservative in more than 20% dilution. The concentration employed should not, however, exceed 30%, because it is strongly hygroscopic and pulls water from the skin, which can lead to very strong irritation. On the other hand, this effect can be used in lower concentrations as a positive, as a moisture retainer or a softener in emulsions and hydrogels.

  • Wikipedia

    Due to its water-binding properties, glycerol is included in cosmetics as a moisturizer.

  • Kosmetik- Inhaltsstoffe von A-Z, page 81

    Is used in cosmetics as a humectant, because glycerol is highly hygroscopic. Depending on the concentration, it may have negative effects in skin care products if it dehydrates the skin, due to insufficient humidity in the air. Irritating to mucous membranes in higher concentrations. Humectant in toothpastes.

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hautgesundheit (DGfH)

    Fast alle Haut- und Alterungsprobleme sind auf ernährungsspezifischen Mangelerscheinungen der Haut zurückzuführen. Darum haben Nährstofflieferanten wie Vitamine, Spurenelemente, Aminosäuren, sekundäre Pflanzenstoffe und hochwertige essentielle Fettsäuren in kosmetischen Produkten eine hohe Bedeutung für eine gesunde Haut.

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