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Rating: bad bad
INCI name
Alternative names
Polyisobuten, Polyisobutylen, Bürzeldrüsenfettsubstitut
1-propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer
INCI function
Binding, Film forming, Viscosity controlling
The INCI function describes solely the purpose of a cosmetic ingredient. It does not reveal its actual effects and skin compatibility. You'll find these and other characteristics below.
  • Rating: bad polluting
  • Rating: average Produces, upon application, a continuous film on skin, hair or nails
  • Rating: average Provides cohesion in cosmetics
  • Rating: average Increases or decreases the viscosity of cosmetics

Studies, literature and statements on Polyisobutene

  • Kosmetik-Inhaltsstoffe A-Z, page 179

    Gives shine in lipsticks. Increases adhesion in make-up. Carbohydrate. Biologically difficult to decompose.

  • Springer Lexikon Kosmetik, page 336

    Bonding agent, film-forming, viscosity regulator. Less recommended.

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