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Titanium Dioxide

Rating: good good
INCI name
Alternative names
Titandioxid, titanii dioxidum, CI 77891, Titanoxid, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), CI 77891 / Titanium Dioxide, TITANIUM DIOXIDE (NANO), Titandioxid CI 77891
Titanium dioxide (CI 77891)
INCI function
Opacifying, UV absorber
The INCI function describes solely the purpose of a cosmetic ingredient. It does not reveal its actual effects and skin compatibility. You'll find these and other characteristics below.
  • Rating: average Reduces transparency or translucency of cosmetics
  • Rating: average Protects the cosmetic product from the effects of UV light
  • Rating: good Protects against sunburn
  • Rating: good Reflects UV rays
  • Rating: good Absorbs deeply into the skin
  • Rating: good für zertifizierte Naturkosmetik zugelassen

Studies, literature and statements on Titanium Dioxide

  • Springer Lexikon Kosmetik, page 421

    Powder ingredient, micronized (fine milled) titanium dioxide as a UV filter in sun protection materials, dye CI 77891. Recommended material.

  • Kosmetik-Inhaltsstoffe A-Z, page 217

    Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are the only light protection products which are approved without limitation in substances. The white micro pigment build a covering and reflecting covering substance between the sun and rays, works therefore not in the way that chemical filters do (see benzophenone) which make a combination with the skin.

  • Kosmetik-Inhaltsstoffe A-Z, page 24

    The Swiss Cancer Society says that with factor 15, nearly ninety percent of UV B rays are filtered out and that with higher protective factors the filter effects are only slightly improved, under condition that, however, the charge for the skin is higher. Sun protection ingredients with factor 20 are also available without chemical UV filters.

    With light protection filters, there are fundamentally two kinds: chemical and physical UV filters. Mineral filters do not penetrate the skin, but rather reflect light away from the skin.

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