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Gmt Beauty

Chocolate Mask Anti-Age Concept

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Body Care -> Body Cream/Oil

This mask contains a rejuvenating complex of ingredients for damaged skin that has lost its elasticity and has a distinct effect rejuvenating skin structure. Cocoa nourishes and enriches the skin with vitamins A and E, as well as containing anti-oxidants that offer protection from free radicals - the harmful impact of the environment. Product ingredients include oats which take care of, soften and heal the skin, while algae moisturise and enrich the skin with microelements. The chocolate aroma induces the spread of endorphins or so-called happiness hormones which help to reduce stress and tiredness.

This cosmetic product of Gmt Beauty was analyzed on 2015-10-27 by member gmtbeauty.

Ingredients of Gmt Beauty Chocolate Mask Anti-Age Concept

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The ingredients of Gmt Beauty Chocolate Mask Anti-Age Concept are listed in alphabetical order now. For members they are listed in the same order as given by the manufacturer of this cosmetic product. Click on an ingredient to see its details.

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