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Gmt Beauty

Shaping Gel Natura Concept

Rating: good good
Body Care -> Body Cream/Oil

SHAPING GEL: breaks down the fats and reduces the volume of adipose tissue, sculpts and firms the body and combats cellulite.
Use: in body contouring treatments – for splitting local fat accumulations, in anti-cellulite treatments (for the 1st-2nd-3rd stage), in body volume reduction treatments, before body application treatments and sculpting massages, can be used in electrotherapy and sonar therapy.
Can be used in cases of reticular and spider veins and fragile capillaries.

This cosmetic product of Gmt Beauty was analyzed on 2015-10-27 by member gmtbeauty.

Ingredients of Gmt Beauty Shaping Gel Natura Concept

  • 4% bad
  • 12% average
  • 68% good
  • 16% very good

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