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Fairy Jasmin

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Bath Additives

Twinkle, Twinkle little Bomb. A Jasmin and Ylang Ylang scentend bath to make you sparkle. To use: Drop whle ballistic into pre run bath.
Owing to its intoxicating jasmine, vetivert and ylang ylang fragrance, it's pale mauve colour and the sheer quantity of sparkliness it delivers, Fairy Jasmine has gone straight to the top of our best-seller list. However, it is not without its critics. Some of our bathers feel that leaving the house covered with fairy sparkles is inappropriate. Let us continue to warn you: only bathe with a Fairy Jasmine if you don't mind sparkling, literally not metaphorically. For those of you who work with glitter-intolerant colleagues, this is a Friday night not a Monday morning bath. You will find that in soft water areas most of the glitter floats around like a shoal of tiny fish within the bath water then washes down the plughole. In hard water areas it tends to float on the surface then stick like limpets to your skin, clothes, household goods and pets; if this is not the effect you want, add a little chunk of Bubble Bar Slice to reduce the surface tension so that not so much of it sticks to you.

This cosmetic product of Lush was analyzed on 2010-07-30 by member takajara.

Ingredients of Lush Fairy Jasmin

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