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Our top benefit is neutrality and absolute independence. These consumer protection pages will not be financed by advertising or any kind of corporate interests, but only and solely through the users themselves. The users receive for this founded information which is based on scientific knowledge. There are many sources of expertise used and/or information which are made available from official offices. The information and their sources are transparent and can be followed up.

Register and declare

In order to be able to use all the contents of the internet pages, you must register and/or declare through the relevant link, on the upper right of this page. If you are registered, you can sign in with your user name and password, (see also the “data protection notice” further below and “data protection” in the navigation pane).

Because these pages are manufacturer-neutral and must survive without any advertising, the user pays a fee. Upon registration it is therefore necessary that you pay an amount of USD 42 for the duration of use of six months. (See also the advice on “payment modalities” and for secure, locked data transfer.) For this USD 42 you can use all our services for a full six months, e. g.

  • analyze products yourself, as much as you like
  • look at the analyses of all the products from the public (more than 17’000) and your own products
  • see all characteristics and judgments (more than 35,000) of more than 8,500 ingredients
  • read multiple expert and scientific judgments of the ingredients (more than 14,000 specialised texts from more than 70 expert sources)
  • build your own opinion through knowledge

You don’t have to terminate your membership; it ends automatically. Thus no additional amount will be taken. If you would like to extend your membership within a half year, you will continue to have all the products and information available in your personal area. We will inform you by post of the extension option.

You receive the following services:

Product analysis

You can analyze as many products as you’d like. For this, just give the trade name (e.g. Nivea), the product name (e.g. Anti-Age Sun Crème SPF 20) and the ingredients of the product in the form fields there for the purpose. All data are found on the product package. The entire process is very easily accomplished and is well supported with entry assistance. For this all of the approx. 8,500 stored ingredients with their official INCI terms and synonyms (alternative names) are available.

The ingredients should be given in the same order in which they are listed on the package. Lawmakers have required the manufacturers to enter the materials in the order of their relative amounts. With amounts under 1% of total contents, no particular order must be observed.

Rating of the products

The already given ratings for the ingredients contained flow altogether and automatically into the analyzed product. This will give you a total rating of the product. The rating of the products will also be shown using a colored Smiley: dark green (very good), light green (good), yellow (average), orange (bad) and dark red (very bad). This classification and presentation also applies to the valuations of the ingredients contained in the product.

Due to an additional, multicolored scale, the amounts which are in the product with respectively identical values will be shown in their colors. You can see on the basis of this scale at one glance how many materials are given the value very bad, how many materials have the value good etc.

All of the products which you have analyzed remain with you to the end of your membership period. If you would like to extend your membership within a half year, you will continue to have all the products and information available in your personal area.

You can make your own product analyses public on and therefore make it available to all users. Published products will be marked with your user name and can no longer be changed.

In order to prevent a desired or undesired overweighting for published products, the system ensures that the share of products of one cosmetic mark does not exceed 5% of the total. This percent can be lower depending on the amount of products or other criteria.

Rating criteria for ingredients and cosmetic products

The rating of ingredients is given from the evaluations of the respective underlying characteristics. These evaluations are manufacturer neutral and exclusively documented by publication of recognized experts. In the presentation area for the materials under “citations”, you can check on these expert opinions. You are granted transparent access to their origin.

These ratings of all materials in a product flow then into the total rating of the cosmetic product — see above. The underlying rating system takes into account risks as well as beneficial effects of materials, as well as the respective frequency and weighting.

Discover details of all published products

You can, as a member, look at the ratings of all published cosmetics and the ratings of the materials contained in them. This includes as well the respective declarations, citations and additional details about the ingredients. In addition it is possible for you to mark the preferred products in a personal favorite’s product list. (see also “significant search possibilities” below)

As said above, you can make your own product analyses public on and therefore make it available to all users.

Discover details about all stored ingredients.

You can look at the values for all of the stored ingredients in alphabetical order, including all explanations, citations and additional details. (see also “significant search possibilities” below)

The details for each material and/or for each INCI term are:

  • Synonyms (alternative names)
  • Origin of the material
  • Definition: Explanation of the material
  • Function and/or functions of the material, as they are planned in the official INCI declaration
  • Material characteristics. Here the key words are listed, whether the material e. g. is irritating to the skin, cares for the skin, is difficult to degrade or if fertility and development can be damaged, whether it is appropriate for natural cosmetics and much more. The characteristics are taken from the citations/expert opinions — see next section.
  • Citations/expert opinions: The texts are brought together for ingredients from studies, scientific literature and from experts Characteristics are fully explained. Each respective page of the publication is shown where possible as well as the source to enable greater transparency.
  • CAS number: The significant identification given for each chemical material is given as long as it is available.
  • EINECS-/ELINCS number: This has to do with a numeric code under which the chemical material is registered with a relevant European description. It will be given as long as it is available

Substantial search possibilities

We have built in a high-performance search engine into the database. It gives a text field above on the right in which you can give your search term. You need not capitalize your letters in the search term. Next to it on the right you will see a choice box, with which you can search for products in three database areas (search areas): products, trademarks and ingredients. In addition on the right next to it is a button to start the search. The easy-to-use search engine also finds terms which sound similar or are written similarly. All search possibilities can be conducted by you at any point on the platform. Here are some search possibilities:

Search for brand:

Search for a brand name, e.g. Nivea. Enter this in the search field and search under the search area “marks”. All the stored and published brands will be listed since the start of the search. Now click on one of these brands, which will open underneath all the stored products. (There can be several brands shown, because the search engine will also, for example, list similarly-spelled brands)
This also functions if you conduct this process under the search area “products”. Then all products of this manufacturer will be listed.

Search for products:

Naturally you can enter the product names and search under search area “products” This also works if you search for a product under the search area “trademarks”
Additionally (does not relate to the search function explained above): If you have called up a product, give the trademark name over the product name. Click here, and all products with this trademark name will be called up.

Search for ingredients:

In the search area “ingredients”, naturally you can search by every respective ingredient.
The search in search area “products” leads to show you all the products listed which contain the searched-for materials.

Payment options

You can choose which of the offered payment services you would like to use: Bank transfer on receipt of invoice, Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. The secure transfer of your data corresponds to international banking standards. You will be lead easily and securely through the payment process.

Data protection

Your data will not be used in any circumstance for advertising purposes or given to a third party. We will naturally store your data for our own, technically-related purposes.

Technical and contents changes of these internet pages are reserved.

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