Terms Of Use

Confidentiality of User Data

The user is obligated to keep his/her access data confidential. Giving access data to third parties is prohibited. Access data may be exclusively used by the user him/herself. With a misuse of the access data through a third party, the user is liable for damages. This liability holds to the point in time in which the user has informed Cosmetic Analysis Establishment of the misuse. Cosmetic Analysis Establishment has the right to cancel access immediately with a misuse or suspected misuse. The demand for damages payments for the user are not impacted by this.

Value Added Tax

In the user price of USD 42 there is a legally-imposed value added tax, which is required to be imposed by the provider. The services will be delivered from the Duchy of Liechtenstein, which is also where the server is housed.

Liability information

No guarantee or liability is assumed for the completeness, correctness and current nature of the information published on these web pages and documents. For amounts which are shown in name, the respective author is responsible. Especially in regards to the legal text shown on these web pages, the following is declared: The following applies for legal decrees of the European Union: Only the paper versions of the official publications of the European Union are legally binding. For laws and regulations of the respective countries and/or partial regions, the following applies: Only the paper version of the laws and regulations of the respective countries and/or partial regions represent the official and therefore legal version.

The links which are presented on these web pages to the internet pages of third parties are not protected from access to outside contents. Cosmetic Analysis Establishment has no influence on the presentation and contents of these linked pages and also does not make the contents of these pages their own. These declarations apply to all of these web pages’ delivered links and for all contents of pages which lead to links or banners. The user of these web pages is asked to look at possible advice about error-containing or illegal pages of third parties, to whom links from these web pages can take place, which lead further to Cosmetic Analysis Establishment.

There is no liability accepted for damages for the calling up or downloading of data or data which is produced from these web pages. Text, pictures, presentations of scientific or a technical type and the gathered works and database works are protected intellectual property.


All information and databases are protected intellectual property. Further printing, copies, microfilm or reading into electronic media, especially the connection in another internet offer — also as an extract — is only to be done with the written approval of Cosmetic Analysis Establishment. Established in Eschen. If this allowance is available, all the contents of this internet encounter are only to be conducted under the instructions of the source Cosmetic Analysis Establishment, Eschen {year}. {document title}, {URL}, status: {date}) to be published or given to third parties.

Instructions for citation of Cosmetic Analysis

Cosmetic Analysis Establishment establishes the taking of texts in data sets which are exclusively for the private purposes of a user. The same applies for every form of copying, translation or storing and processing in electronic systems.

The laws of the Duchy of Liechtenstein apply.

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